“Still going strong: quirky and tough”
Long before it became fashionable, Yellow Cab Shoecompany was involved in sustainable production and recycling.
In the 1980s, YC designed the canvas sneaker with a tire sole. It became a big hit. They were worn in all metropolises of the world. Young people and people young at heart in particular walked there. The Rolling Stones wore them on their Voodoo Lounge World Tour.
A new brand was born: Yellow Cab sneakers.
We are now decades further. Yellow Cab is an established brand. It is uniquely flourishing among the major sports and fashion brands.
It finds its way to loyal fans “all over the world”, who want to distinguish themselves from the normal image. Yellow Cab collections are always original and original. YC does not follow fashion trends, but creates them itself.
Yellow Cabs are never slick or well-behaved, but rather raw, tough and unpolished. And they are still made with great attention to quality for the world around us.
You don't find them everywhere. In cool shops or online.
Yellow Cab, The Beat of the Street!